Potable Water

PERMASTORE® tanks are globally accepted for use with potable water.

The Company’s Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank system has NSF / ANSI 61 certification and is approved by the Secretary of State to Regulation 31 (DWI).

The hard, inert and hygienic surface of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel finish makes it simple to clean and disinfect water tanks.

A large range of water treatment can be accommodated within PERMASTORE® tanks, including borehole water, desalination tanks for seawater, reverse osmosis (RO), permeate tanks, settling tanks, filtration tanks, disinfection tanks, coagulation / flocculation tanks, aeration tanks, activated sludge tanks, filter tanks, sedimentation tanks, chlorine contact tanks and dosing tanks, amongst others.

The bolted tank system allows tank designs to be used in various configurations including water storage reservoirs, water standpipes, and elevated water distribution tanks.

Designs can accommodate secure tank storage for local environmental conditions, such as high wind speeds, snow loads, or seismic areas.

Potable water Tank, Model: 7320, Capacity: 2,030m3/536,270USG Potable Water Tank, Model: 4220, Capacity: 715m3/188,880USG Potable water Tank, Model: 5665, Capacity: 4,150m3/1,096,310USG Reuse Water Tank, Model: 13730SR, Capacity: 11,360m3/3,000,000USG Potable Water Raw Water Tanks, Model: 2 x 12035, Capacity: 2 x 10,400m3/2641700USG