Mining Solutions

The mining industry requires treatment tanks which must resist the highly abrasive nature of the materials and the corrosive environment of mining processes.

This application is ideal for PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks. These tanks are suited to tough environments where dependability is a vital characteristic. They can withstand the extremes of the environment in these remote locations, and the modular design principle of the tank kits also offers ease of transport to site.

The bolted nature of the tanks allow them to be built very quickly on site when compared to welded structures.  It also allows the existing tanks to be un-bolted and moved on to new locations when required, increasing significant asset value.

Both process and effluent treatment can be carried out in PERMASTORE® tanks in most applications which can include mines for gold, silver, coal, copper, diamonds, iron ore, cobalt, nickel, platinum, potash, rare earth metals, uranium, zinc or other mineral mining types.