Bulk Solid Storage

PERMASTORE® silos with the hard, inert finish offered by Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) Bulk-solid-storagehave exceptional resistance to abrasion and present a hygienic, low friction surface to the stored product. Some of the bulk storage applications include:

  •     Food production silos
  •     Coal silos
  •     Carbon black silos
  •     Fishmeal silos
  •     Limestone silos
  •     Powders silos
  •     Plastics silos
  •     Road salt silos
  •     Soya meal silos
  •     Grains or other whole or milled food stuffs silos

The designs of the silos are tailored to suit specific material properties and allow for a range of loading (filling) and unloading (discharge) systems.   They also can incorporate roofs, cones and connections for pipework or sensors.