Biofuel Solutions


Biotanq is the Biofuel Division of Permastore Limited who are market leaders in the manufacture and supply of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks and silos. Since 1959 the Company has been providing durable and cost effectively engineered containment solutions in municipal and aggressive industrial environments worldwide. Exporting to over 110 countries, in excess of 300,000 structures have been installed worldwide, each with the ability to withstand local environmental extremes, from the cold of the arctic to the heat of the desert.

The biofuel industry is growing around the world as an environmentally acceptable fuel source generated from biomass.  Biofuel use can reduce emissions of green house gases, lower the demand for fossil fuels and it is often supported by government subsidies.

The main biofuels are, bio-ethanol or alcohol made from fermentation and bio-diesel produced by transesterification.  They are both derived from organic biomass.  The plants manufacturing these biofuels therefore have requirements for tanks and silos for the input ingredients, from sugar and starch crops such as sugar cane to vegetable oils or animal fats.  Also storage is required for the finished product as well as for feed water and fire water tanks onsite.  BIOTANQ® modular tanks and silos can be utilised in these areas giving significant benefits over traditional welded structures.

International Standards – For biofuels storage, Biotanq’s quality systems provide a credible alternative to the API 650 standard for welded tanks and to the 12B specification for bolted tanks.  They also meet or exceed the glass coating requirements of EN ISO 28765:2011, EEA 7.20 and AWWA D103-09 amongst others.

International Bodies – Verified by MPA NRW and Certified to NSF/ANSI 61.

The BIOTANQ® Glass-Fused-to-Steel finish combined with its modular design and build concept, offers an array of benefits to contractors and end users.

  •     Long Life
  •     Low Capital Cost
  •     Low Maintenance Costs
  •     Rapid Site Installation Times
  •     Economic Worldwide Shipments
  •     Flexible to Re-model, Extend, Dismantle and Re-site
  •     Optimum Corrosion Resistance