Agricultural Solutions

Permastore’s history of agricultural tank and silo supply goes back over 50 years. Products range from grain and forage silos for high-quality animal feed storage, to slurry tanks to allow farmers to comply with environmental agency waste management legislation.  This could be the European Commission (EC) Nitrates Directive for nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZ’s), or in the USA the NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).  In these cases the spreading and storage of waste is tightly regulated.

The agricultural industry also offers opportunities for developing renewable energy solutions.  The crops and organic waste produced on farms are an ideal fuel supply for anaerobic digestion (AD) which is a process that generates biogas – a recognised green energy source.  This continuously generated fuel supply can give a more consistent supply of renewable energy than photo voltaic (PV) solar cells or wind turbines, both of which are weather dependent.  With government incentives such as feed-in tariffs becoming more wide spread around the world, it is possible for farmers / investors to have a relatively short pay-back time for biogas plant investment.

PERMASTORE® tanks offer an ideal solution for farm anaerobic digesters, post digesters and biogas storage tanks in this growing renewable, green energy market around the world.  Already proven in areas of Northern Europe, this sustainable energy technology is expanding into all parts of the globe, where the modular nature of PERMASTORE® tank kits give benefits of simple logistics and fast build times.